The world is changing and a Certificate without Professional experience is futile. Employers are looking for those who are experienced and can deliver in jobs.
In Africa, degrees take 4 to 6 years to complete, without gaining experience in your field of study, you are likely to not get opportunities after the degree which is why we are here to
help you develop the expertise you need while pursuing your degree.

Our virtual/physical internship avails you the opportunity to build relationships and mentorships with professionals of your field. Imagine graduating and having the expertise you need for the global market. Graduates are not left out from this offer.

The majority of the job is given to those who have built professional experience and network systems in their field, our program is structured to make you become self-employed by
consulting for companies across Africa and the world while you are still an undergraduate or graduate seeking employment.

Why You Need Internsify Africa ForYour Internship program

In today’s competitive job market, it’s important to have something extra on your CV/resume to stand out from the crowd, either virtually or physically internship Program.
Our programs provide you with everything you need to have a successful and rewarding internship experience which in turn builds your global network.
We provide professional development before your program begins and after it finishes. The tools included in the program enable you to successfully prepare for your internship
before you go, make the most of the experience while you’re there, and then successfully leverage the experience in interviews with future employers


We bring possibilities to your dreams and shape your mind with professional experience that will challenge you to become a force to be reckoned with in your career/field.


We will help you build a network system with industry professionals in your career and interns across Africa to foster business partnerships and opportunities.


You have access to mentors/professionals who will guide you and provide opportunities when available. The reason why many graduates are frustrated is because they lack mentors and getting a job in Africa is now WHO YOU KNOW not by the Certificate you have.


You gain clarity on your career by practically engaging with projects and solving real-life challenges relating to your field of study.


We structure your career with professional courses that will further polish you.


Access to companies across Africa and you directly engage with professionals from your host company by physically involving in the company’s business.


Full access to employment opportunities from the host company or Internsify Africa in line with your experience level.


You have access to experience in your field of study to become an expert by practically engaging with professional materials during your program.


You have access to a Completion certificate from Internsify Africa and a certificate from the host company with a referral letter after the completion of your internship.


Build your resume with host company name, Interview techniques, and LinkedIn Branding to attract employers.

How We Operate

You don’t have to wait for months to begin your journey of gaining professional training with a host company. professionals are ready to impact immediately as our programs are flexible and accessible.

Internship Experience Rate

Our aim is to build professional individuals in all career/fields of study. it is mandatory for Graduates and undergraduates to go through one stage or another to build proficiency and in-depth experience in their career/field of study.
Our operation is designed for you to learn at your convenient time with 8 hours mentorship from our host companies and professionals. You can choose the time you prefer.




Mondays - Fridays


General Time Across Africa

11 am - 12 pm

6 pm - 7 pm

With over 65 career courses for all fields of study, structured to help you gain global experience without disrupting your education or work.

We are the leading TECH EDUCATION company that provides internship opportunities to students in Africa.

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