High School Internship

Virtual Internships Foundations program is designed to give senior students career guidance and professional experience in their choice of career.

We mentor students and develop their minds toward their course of study of work directly with professional companies and help student nurture their professional career.

Virtual Internship High School

Internsify Africa Foundations Program is a 4-week program that requires 2 hours every day from Monday to Friday and 10 hours of weekly engagement per week.


4 weeks

Student age range

Senior secondary student.


3 Times yearly

Structure of internship

Practical Internship

Internsify Foundation Program Includes:

Student Company Assigning

Students assigned company within the student’s chosen career group.

Weekly Review

Weekly Review of Internship with the assigned internship facilitator

Mentorship Program

Access to the Career mentorship program.

Review & Development

Student program review and development.

Evaluation & Completion

Mentor and program evaluation, certificate of completion.
Carrier Features
Our Internship Courses range from the four most important fields to expand the mind of students with practical teachers from different fields.


Students will have a practical understanding of IT and develop skills in Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and website design. will enhance my personal skills in analytical reasoning, problem-solving, information evaluation, and creative thinking. Students are to choose one. It is mandatory that students have a computer system.

Communication Skills

Student will learn how to build and maintain relationship with customers and develop communication skills by Advertising and engaging in sales promotion by our host
partners with practical implementation to market product and improve the brand. During this period their mind will be exposed to the business world.


Student often believe Agriculture is not a lucrative business meanwhile Agriculture solves 60% of Africa’s unemployment. You get to learn from facilitators and expert
Agriculture Companies, how to start up with little capital.


Money matters in management, creation, investments budgeting and how to plan for future projects. How to multiply income and spending culture. These and many
more are the skills you will be equipped with.

Program Review

Our Foundation Internship program is designed to give high school students across Africa the opportunity for career development with direct contact with host
Companies by maturing their minds to solve problems and create impact to their world. We ensure that dreams are achieved by the end of the program.


Students are advised to select one out of four career courses during to their internship to work directly with a company. Our career groups were specifically chosen to allow students to gain a broad understanding of various professional paths within their choice of career to support their pathways to success.

Our Internship Program gives students access to working directly with an assigned host company, and learning more about the business processes of their chosen career.
Our host companies have undergone the due process to the guild, to teach students in a professional career path.

Students get practical live teaching from a host company depending on the field of study. They interact and build relationships with professionals. It enhances the
productivity of the student, question and answer is directly attended to, diverse projects & assignments to be done weekly for host companies.

Our Internship Program will help students build resumes for job opportunities after secondary school with an organization that needs their practice skills at the end of the internship Program. Student also receive a Certificate as proof of participation.

Features & Scheduled

We believe before the mind achieves its course it should be structured. We make sure that all students receive well-structured information with regard to their choice of
career. Project management skill is taught by host companies thereby giving students the following;

Personnel Development

A structured communication of knowledge as well as the development of systematic approaches and social skills are priorities of our programs.

Daily Engagement

We make sure students are engaged by host company and they put their knowledge into practice. We achieve this through feedback from our students and Host Companies.


Students will work in groups to achieve a particular task, student work with other student across Africa and that will enable them to build leadership relationships and communication skills.


Student are been trained to become professionals. We use the practical guidance of Host company during the internship to impact skills that enable them become to impact skills that enable them become productive in their Career and employable after high school.


Year Application Deadline Start Date End Date Time
3rd Year
July 20th,2022
August 1st, 2022
September 1st, 2022
9am – 11am


Payment for the student Foundations program is payable in one installment.


$ 40


To get your application approved, attach a passport photograph and your guardian/parent confirmation.

We are the leading TECH EDUCATION company that provides internship opportunities to students in Africa.

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