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InternSify offer virtual and physical internships to high school graduates, undergraduates, graduates, and professionals going through career transitioning with entry level job opportunities after the practical soft skills and technical skills.

We bridge the gap between education and work experience.

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Skills for your future

Skills for the future

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Let's provide you with the practical experience and job opportunity you need to start your career. We offer global competitive advantage, practical hands-on projects with flexible work experience. We offer a blended virtual and physical work mode.


Our values at Green Valley

Our School encourages students to appreciate the wonders of the world, the strengths of others, and the contribution of all those who have gone before. It fosters individual growth and encourages generosity of spirit.

Strategic Objectives

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Live the Life of Your Dreams: Be brave enough to live the life of your dreams according to your vision and purpose instead of the expectations and opinions of others.

Roy T. Bennett

The Light in the Heart

Our Vision

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Our Ethos

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Expectation from parents


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Your valuable suggestions and feedback will help us improve our vision, approach and ethos.
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Skills for your future

Let’s provide you with the practical experience and job opportunity you need to start your career. We offer global competitive advantage, practical hands-on projects with flexible work experience. We offer a blended virtual and physical work mode.

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Relevant Future shaping Courses

We provide virtual and physical Internship Programs, driven by purpose to reduce the unemployment rate in Africa.

Get certified skills to shape your future

for the future
Want to shape your future ?
Business Analysis
Product Management
Cloud computing


The global population is expected to reach 8.6 billion in 2030 and 9.8 billion in 2050. Africa’s population will have doubled by then; Agriculture is critical to the African economy, accounting for 23 percent of GDP and 49 percent of employment. This means that the continent’s output must thrive and meet the demands of its growing population which will create employment for millions of Africa. Agribusiness is the way to reduce the unemployment rate in Africa. Our internship program is designed to give agro experience and guide you to venture into agribusiness which is lucrative and profitable..


Finance & Accounting are amongst the most competitive industries in the world. you have the opportunity to boost your resume and stand out as a top candidate In today’s top international markets, flows of money into investments of different asset classes are at unprecedented levels. Mirroring the flow of money is the flow of talent. Top finance & accounting student across Africa and the world with financial institutions. You will learn how to use accounting software during your internship from a hosting company, predict a company's financial future, and how work within its budget. By practically coordinating with internal and external stakeholders after you examine financial reports.
Accounting Analyst Accounts Payable Receivable Clerk
Budget Analyst
Financial Analyst
Payroll Clerk
Financial Planner
Through our finance & accounting internship program, you will develop critical, real-world knowledge. This will prepare you for a successful career.


You will be empowered with skills to multi-tasks to support the company to maintain confidentiality roles varying from
Quality Control
Human Resources, learning and development, Administrative Specialist, Procurement and Logistics.


We offer internship opportunities in all major business functions within a wide range of exciting companies around the world. We partner with large multinationals through to medium-sized businesses and fast-growing entrepreneurial firms We place outstanding candidates in roles across all areas of business, ranging from sales & marketing to continuous improvement & business development. Our partner companies are looking for driven, talented, and ambitious interns who are willing to take advantage of all the opportunities that they have to offer. Our business internships will make your resume stand out from the crowd and advance your career.
 Product marketing/sales, Data Analyst,
Business Analyst/Development
Real Estate Management Managing website for SEO


We offer engineering internships for driven interns across Africa, Engineering internships tend to be specialized and highly competitive. We are proud to offer internships in a number of leading engineering firms where you will learn from top industry professionals. Our hands-on engineering internships enable you to put your knowledge learned in the classroom into practice.
Solar energy Engineer
Mechanical Engineer Electrical Engineer Petroleum Engineer

alumni comment

The experience for the past 5 months has been amazing and i could do more now than before using various data tools. I wish to say thank you to Intensify Africa

Ogo Matthew

Data Analyst Intern

Reducing unemployment rate in Africa

Empowering employable individuals.



No Work Experience, No Job possibility. Regardless of your qualification you are required to have experience before you get a job.

We guarantee work experience with access to opportunities within months.

You must know someone before you have the Opportunity to work in a particular sector.

You gain Professional work experience, a reference letter and completion Certificate. Your LinkedIn profile, CV will be designed to attract organizations, practical Interview will be offered that can be used in Africa and Beyond without the help of anyone.

Limited access to career development and mentors.

Access to Companies, Mentor in your Career/field.

Inability to gain Professional Experience Abroad

Access to global work experience from the comfort of your home.

Lack of opportunities to develop professional skills.

Guaranteed Professional skill and experience in any sector of your choice.

Lack of career advisor, mentor or coach.

Guaranteed exposure and career coach.

Dreams with limitations to succeed.

Develop your capacity as a professional or consult for companies, build networks and partnerships with people profitable to your field.

Why You Should Enroll


Lack of work experience shouldn’t prevent you from achieving your dreams. Internsify can help you to not only acquire knowledge and skill but also network with professionals globally. You can gain experience virtually regardless of your study or work schedules.


Our Expertise in networking and human capital development has over time given us partnerships with educational Institutions, Private Sectors, government, NGOs etc. These partnerships are what we use to empower employable individuals with problem-solving skills to become exceptional in Business, entrepreneurship, and career.


As an Employer, your desire is to recruit competent young and experienced professionals to achieve your company’s vision. we help you to bring onboard skilled interns across all sectors through our internship programs. We partner with companies looking to hire individuals from any field of study globally.


Institutions require their students to gain practical knowledge of their field of study while in school and 90% of students find it hard to gain placement due to insufficient positions. The lack of IT Placement should not deny you the chance of getting practical experience and limits the chances Of developing skills required for employment. We provide the solution by assigning you to companies in line with your field of study where you learn from experts and network with fellow students in your career/field.


There is a constant need for man power by organizations, NGO’s etc. Individuals also desire to develop network and build social relationship. Thus, we offer volunteering programs where we provide NGO’s and organizations experienced man power to achieve their goal, whether in business, for an event, any occasion that requires skilled human resource etc. individuals with zeal to serve can also benefit from this program by applying to volunteer and develop their social capital, skill and exposure.

Number Speaks

Yes the number really speak.

Enrolled Students
Intern Employed


What students are saying

Chimka Emanuella

Internsify program gave me invaluable practical experience and a clearer sense of the knowledge and abilities I should prioritize and work to develop in my future courses.

Peter Sunday

The internship was useful, and I believe it has helped to prepare me for a future in business. I'll use the knowledge I gained from the program to advance my career.

Amina Yusuf

I've had the chance to learn so much more about the accounting industry via my internship than I could have in a classroom with internship Africa. It has really been helpful.

Chikamso Emmanuela

I gained hands-on experience with various data analysis techniques and tools. I was able to apply my knowledge of statistical analysis, data cleaning and visualization to real-world datasets.

Joy Sambo

With Internsify Africa, students can clearly comprehend their tasks and expectations. Their programs serve as a platform for preparing and selecting future professionals.

Ogo Matthew

I joined the practical Virtual and physical internship with Internsify Africa on (Data Analysis). The experience for the past 5 months has been amazing and i could do more now than before using various data tools.

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